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Meet The Chef

Atisha has over 10 years of experience bringing stylish, gourmet delight to our lives. Her expertise was mastered at Liaison College and on graduating she launched her Gourmet Glamour business.

Miss Sanderson has a natural talent of providing the right dishes to suit your event. Her business is geared towards intimate gatherings such as  tea parties, family dinners and birthday parties just to name a few. Additionally, Chef Sanderson goes the extra-mile by providing personal chef services, along with DIY dinner kits as well!

Tell her about your upcoming event today!


Tel: 289-946-1014  





Chef's Choice

You choose your favorite foods, I’ll assemble a divine menu

Sunday Lunch Menu

Relax and unwind each Sunday, by securing your dinner with Gourmet Glamour

See Our Full Menu

Visit our Menu page to view all of our savory dishes!

From Our Heart to Your Table

A Sneak Peak of
the Menu

Shrimp Noodles

Crab Cakes

Ackee and Saltfish Spring Rolls

Saffron Fried Rice

Salmon Dinner

Garlic Shrimp Dinner



“I asked Atisha to cater my sister’s baby shower this past weekend - 08/28/2018. I live in California and my sister lives in Toronto. This made organizing the event a bit bumpy and last minute in our end but Atisha impressed me with her calm professionalism. She pulled through for us! Not only was each item beautiful in its presentation but it was all so delicious.
The next day guests were still raving about her dishes (Macaroni pie, BBQ chicken, Bruschetta and my personal favorite - Crab Cakes). It was decided that many of the guests would be repeat customers of Gourmet Glamour. She surpassed all expectations....
Thank You!!!!!


—  Jewel, Oakland, California

At Your Service

Tel: 289-946-1014  |  Email:


Tell me a little about your event so I can put together a menu just for you!

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Garlic Shrimp Pasta
Waffle n' a Side
Curried Goat
Braised Oxtails
Chicken Wings
Potato Salad
House Salad
Chocolate Brownies
Mac n' Cheese
Crab Cakes
Crab Rolls
Baked Chicken
Shrimp Pasta Dinner
Caprese Skewers
Escovitch Fish
Gourmet Glamour

Extra Tasty!

Tun Up Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce is our go-to choice to add that real spicy flavor for those who prefer a little heat!

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